Quirky.com: Make Your Inventions Reality

Autistics are often highly creative, but many of us need help bringing ideas to the market. Quirky is a collaborative website that allows users to suggest new inventions, comment on submissions, and vote on which should be made by Quirky, to be sold on the site itself. The idea’s originator will receive royalties on each item sold. Of course, by letting Quirky do all this, the inventor will have to cut some slack on intellectual property rights (given that Quirky is carrying most of the legal and financial risk). Interested inventors may wish to check out the site’s IP FAQ page for more details on that aspect. Even if you’re not an inventor, Quirky is a fine way to dip your toe in the designer’s craft, by suggesting improvements to other people’s inventions. That way, you’ll get hands-on experience in product design, even if (like me) you can’t draw to save your life!

How do I participate in Quirky?

Once you’ve signed up for a Quirky account, there are tons of ways to get involved:

1. Have an idea that you’re dying to see developed? Fill out the problem and solution text boxes on the welcome page and click “Continue idea submission,” or simply click

2. Help us select the next great product by voting, collaborating, and commenting on product ideas. You can also contribute to the design and branding of products in development, or help us determine their price. Click on the Participate or Upcoming tabs at the top of the Quirky homepage to get started.

3. Snag some Quirky products of your very own by clicking on the Shop tab. You can also promote Quirky products among friends and family to earn a share of the profits through social sales. Click on your name in the top right of the page, then select “Social Sales” for more information on our referral program and your unique social sales link.

4. Meet fellow community members through submissions and the Quirky Forums. You can find like minded people, follow your favorite community members, participate in discussions, and start your own topics. Don’t forget to check out our blogFacebook page, and follow us on TwitterPinterest and Instagram for the latest Quirky news. The list goes on and on.

[From the Quirky FAQ]


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