The Mobicase for the Roving Typist

I can’t touch type, and issues with hand-eye coordination or poor memory puts touch typing beyond the reach of many with ASD. So I end up looking down at the keyboard and up at the screen repeatedly, which puts a strain on the neck and back. It’s worse with a laptop, because the screen is usually below normal eye-level, so you’re constantly looking down, while jiggling your head up and down to glance at the keyboard.

I found that raising the laptop and placing it at an angle helps to move the screen to eye level, with the keyboard just below. By propping up my forearms on a raised support in front of the keyboard, I found I could type comfortably with less strain. The Mobicase by Rovingwork makes it possible to adopt this position on the go. The laptop case has a mechanism that tilts the laptop to your preferred angle.

Video from Rovingwork


No More Tying Shoelaces

Tying shoelaces can be a challenge to children with autism, and shoe-wearers of all kinds find it odd that we’re still fastening our shoes with bits of string in the 21st Century.  Zubits has revolutionized the process with their magnetic closures, which you lace into once, and then fasten and unfasten with the magnetic buckle. They come in a variety of colors and work with any standard lace-up shoe.

Video by Zubits

Antler Luggage: Worth Every Penny

I own an Antler rolling computer bag. It’s definitely on the pricier side, but I’ve found it to be money well spent. For roller bags, you want to be sure the wheels don’t give up before the bag does. I’ve been rolling mine on pavements every weekday for months, and those wheels keep spinning. Why is Antler luggage so durable? Check out this video to find out.

Fitover Sunglasses: Prescription-Free Shades

Many autistics are sensitive to glare, either from the sun or indoor fluorescent lights. If you’re short-sighted, you may not want to pay for a pair of prescription sunglasses on top of your regular specs. Thankfully, you don’t have to. Fitover sunglasses are worn over prescription spectacles, so you only need to change one pair of lenses as your eyesight worsens. Two popular brands are Fitovers and Cocoon.