Robot Teaches Autistic Kids to Communicate

The NAO robot, made by French company Aldebaran Robotics, is a humanoid about the size of a 1-year old that walks, talks and plays games. Kids seem to like interacting with the robot, and researchers are now using it to teach communication and empathy skills to ASD children. More info on the ASK NAO (Autism Solution for Kids) project at the Aldebaran Robotics website. Video from NBC via the Aldebaran Robotics Youtube channel.


Unnamed: Documentary About Nonverbal Learning Disability

Sonetta Duncan is a documentary film maker  with NLD (non-verbal learning disability). She’s currently working on a documentary in which she goes across the world to meet fellow NLDers. Sonetta is looking for funding, as well as messages and videos from anyone with NLD, explaining what having the condition means to them. More details may be found on the documentary’s Facebook, and Sonetta is contactable at sonettaduncan at

As a filmmaker with a Non-Verbal Learning Disability (NLD), it is almost only natural that I make a documentary about my disability. I was 16 when I discovered I was gifted with NLD and in the few short years of knowing about my disability, I have met some wonderful and amazing individuals who’s stories deserved to be shared, experienced, and felt around the world. In this breath-takingly touching documentary, I go across the world to meet my brother’s and sister’s who share something very special with me: NLD. [from the documentary Facebook].

Love is NOT All You Need (Real-World Marriage Tips)

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I spent a good deal of time studying what it is that makes a “good marriage”. Then, I went out and actually got myself married. I took that handbook, that was so well-written and painstakingly researched, and tossed that puppy out of the nearest window. Marriage is not about theory or research. It is about getting in, rolling up your sleeves, and digging in your heels for life. Because one thing I know for certain about being married: if you sit around thinking that there are hard and fast rules…the last argument that you will ever have will be inside of a lawyer’s office.

Notice that I never used the “buzzwords” in the title that you normally see when discussing marriage advice. I will never use the words: successful, happy, or loving to describe my philosophies. Just practical, real-life stuff here. Happy is all about perspective, this is just…

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