Designing Autism-Friendly Websites

A nice little article by Jurriaan Persyn on designing websites for autistics. I would definitely agree about the use of pictograms. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s especially true if you have my kind of autism. Many autistics think in pictures rather than words. I personally prefer to watch a video presentation than read the same content, because the video gives me visual cues. However, too many clashing colors is not a good idea, and the same for flickering graphics or pop-ups (autistics are generally distracted by strong repetitive contrasts like stripes or blinking lights, Then again, aren’t we all?). I especially hate music that starts when you open a page, sudden audio-visual stimuli are generally not autistic-friendly. We tend to hate surprises, so consistency and predictability are important, as Jurriaan mentions.