Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

If you’re on the autistic spectrum and only take photos occasionally, digital photography can be more trouble than it’s worth. All that finicky business of transferring the pictures to your computer, then printing them out on the right kind of printer and paper, etc. The Polaroid Z2300 is an instant camera that gives you the option of printing your pics straight from the camera, or saving them to an SD card for digital storage. The pictures have peel-off adhesive backs, so you can stick them straight into scrapbooks, etc. All-in-all, a neat product for fun photos without the fuss, and also shoots videos. The demo below is from the Home Shopping Network.


Polaroid’s Back


My first camera was a Polaroid, those shoot-and-print gizmos that give instant gratification. Now they’re back, sort of. With the advent of digital photography, instant cameras seem a little redundant. But Polaroid still attracts plenty of enthusiasts, who like the distinct experience of using it, and the way the photos look. The Impossible Project sells re-conditioned original Polaroid cameras and brand-new film to go with them!