The Mobicase for the Roving Typist

I can’t touch type, and issues with hand-eye coordination or poor memory puts touch typing beyond the reach of many with ASD. So I end up looking down at the keyboard and up at the screen repeatedly, which puts a strain on the neck and back. It’s worse with a laptop, because the screen is usually below normal eye-level, so you’re constantly looking down, while jiggling your head up and down to glance at the keyboard.

I found that raising the laptop and placing it at an angle helps to move the screen to eye level, with the keyboard just below. By propping up my forearms on a raised support in front of the keyboard, I found I could type comfortably with less strain. The Mobicase by Rovingwork makes it possible to adopt this position on the go. The laptop case has a mechanism that tilts the laptop to your preferred angle.

Video from Rovingwork