The Side-Loading Toaster!

I can’t believe this wasn’t invented sooner. I’ve always has a personal peeve about how most toasters are difficult to clean on the inside. You can take the inside of this one out and rinse it under the sink! Plus there’s a lot more you can toast with this. Check out the video:

Video credit: Seren Toaster


Smart Earphones That Store Your Music

The ultimate earphones The Dash comes with 4GB of storage, which means you don’t need an extra device for your music. It can hold up to 1,000 songs all on its own. But if you need more tunes in your life, you can seamlessly stream music from your phone through bluetooth […]

via These smart headphones just solved your biggest listening woes — someone somewhere

Mother Knows Best

Mother is a smart connected device that can stay in touch with up to 24 ‘motion cookies’ at a distance of 50 meters. Each cookie has motion, temperature and presence sensors that can be used for a wide range of tasks (for example, reminding you to take your medicine, if there is an intruder in the house, or if your cat just went out). The range of tasks is only limited by your imagination. Video review from CNET below:

SleepTracker: Wake Up Naturally

Many autistics have trouble sleeping well, and it doesn’t help if your alarm rings in the middle of a sleep cycle, when you’re in deep sleep. Getting up from deep sleep can leave you feeling washed out for the rest of the day. The SleepTracker is a watch you wear in bed, that tracks arm movements with an accelerometer. You can set it to wake you within a time window (say, 20 mins before or after 8 AM), and based on your movements, it will buzz when you are more likely to be in shallow sleep, and therefore more likely to feel rested after waking. Here’s a review of the SleepTracker Elite by DadsOnTech (this review is for the 2012 model, which has since been upgraded).


I Just Like It: Audio-Technica Headphones

Audio-Technica may not be a familiar name to all, but they make the best headphones for my money. For several years I’ve owned a pair of low-priced ATH-FC700s which I use daily (not sure if they still make them). Apart from the crystal-clear sound, the headphone’s cable and ear-cushions have remained fully intact (unlike some other brands, where these parts tend to wear out after a year or less. If the cable wears out, that pretty much renders the headphones useless).  Audio-Technica headphones score consistently high on Amazon’s customer reviews, which is not surprising based on my experience with the ATH-FC700s. Here’s a video review by MKBHD of the higher-end ATH-M50x:

Fitover Sunglasses: Prescription-Free Shades

Many autistics are sensitive to glare, either from the sun or indoor fluorescent lights. If you’re short-sighted, you may not want to pay for a pair of prescription sunglasses on top of your regular specs. Thankfully, you don’t have to. Fitover sunglasses are worn over prescription spectacles, so you only need to change one pair of lenses as your eyesight worsens. Two popular brands are Fitovers and Cocoon.