So Autism Is Even MORE Common Than Last Year. Who Cares?

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Moving Autism Forward by Team TACA

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By Dr Bob Sears

I was really hoping that my latest blog would be entitled “Finally, Someone Cares About the Autism Epidemic!” But alas, it is not to be. The word “epidemic” is being reserved for the hundred or so cases of measles we see in the U.S. each year (no fatalities), or the very tragic twenty to thirty annual deaths from whooping cough. But autism? Don’t worry, it’s NOT an epidemic, because the government continues to reassure us it’s not an epidemic (Past blogs have been featured here 1.)

Tell that to the one million or more children currently affected (2.)

Remember back when autism was 1 in 10,000 and eventually 1 in 1000? Then 1 in 150 came along, and some of us got worried. Last year we were told it had jumped to 1 in 50. So, I was certain that “the powers that be” would finally…

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Letter to Stranger Who Helped Autistic Child Goes Viral

A mother of an autistic daughter wrote an open letter on her blog thanking a stranger who chatted with her child on a plane. The letter has gone viral, and even reached the stranger to whom it was addressed, ‘Dear ‘Daddy’ in in Seat 16C Flight 1850 From Philly’. Read more about it in The Independent.

You could have shifted uncomfortably in your seat. You could have ignored her. You could have given me that ‘smile’ that I despise because it means; ‘manage your child please.’ You did none of that. You engaged Kate in conversation and you asked her questions about her turtles. She could never really answer your questions but she was so enamored by you that she keep eye contact and joint attention on the items you were asking her about. I watched and smiled. I made a few polite offers to distract her, but you would have none of it.  [excerpt from the letter]