Scientists Identify Genetic Markers for Autism

Scientists at the University of California have identified genetic markers that correlate with autism, paving the way for a possible blood test for autism in infants. Early detection and treatment greatly improves the chances of reducing the severity of autism symptoms. Video from Australia’s Network Ten and here’s a news article from


I Just Like It: Aquabot Portable Pressurized Running Water

Have you ever washed up in an ice cold river, used a bazillion wet wipes to clean your kid’s hands and face, poured out half your drinking water trying to rinse off your hands, got sand in your car, got your hibachi stolen because it was too hot and dirty to put away in your car, filled up your dog’s water dish on the trail and they didn’t drink it, wanted a fun way to put out camp fires, gotten your hands dirty from eating s’mores, wanted to drink water from your bottle without spilling it down your shirt, dreaded doing camp dishes, needed to water balloon your friends in the outback, or just wanted to cool off? [Quote from the Aquabot page at Kickstarter]