Design For Autistics Gets Another Thousand Views!

A big THANK YOU all our readers! Since this year began, Design for Autistics has received another thousand hits! It’s encouraging to know that people are finding the site useful, and we’ll continue to add to our hundreds of posts, on anything and everything that might be of interest to the ASD community (with a particular focus on design). Keep visiting, and please spread the word!


Design For Autistics Gets Another Thousand Views, in Half The Time!

A big THANK YOU to our community of readers! This blog received its second thousandth view last week, in half the time it took to reach our first thousand. ┬áHere’s an appreciative comment from one of our readers:

Although this site labels itself a blog, it’s not someone’s personal account of life on the spectrum. Instead, it reports on items of all sorts, whether practical or just fun, that may be of interest to other autistics. Very cool to browse through! [Quote from Asperger’s / Autism Toolbox]