Wonderfile Organizer

Keeping organized is a struggle for many autistics, either because of cognitive weaknesses in planning and organizing or the opposite, an obsession with┬átidiness. Either way, autistics may find the Wonderfile personal workstation useful for storing and organising documents they work on regularly. When using the corner pocket, it may help to keep documents in folders so they don’t fall out when the bag is shut. Here’s a review by a user with ADD:

I am very pleased with WonderFile. I have ADD. This product is the first to really help me. It is uncomplicated, folds easily and has room for my tablet if I want to carry it. It’s light weight but fabric is tough and the handle is sturdy. Great value for the cost. I use it for things that are pending which used to be scattered or lost. Now my husband puts the mail in the fold and I organize bills as I open mail. I also use it for receipts. I keep travel planning and relevant tickets, maps and coupons. The best slot is my troubleshooting. It helps me prioritize actions we need to take. I get emails for the most part and put them in order giving me a timeline. I used to feel overwhelmed wondering what might be falling through the cracks and anxious when finding unopened mail. No more wondering with WonderFile. I’ll buy another if they give us new colors. I think you would be pleased with this product.