The Side-Loading Toaster!

I can’t believe this wasn’t invented sooner. I’ve always has a personal peeve about how most toasters are difficult to clean on the inside. You can take the inside of this one out and rinse it under the sink! Plus there’s a lot more you can toast with this. Check out the video:

Video credit: Seren Toaster


No More Sloppy Collars

Many on the autism spectrum find it annoying when certain things are not ‘just so’, including their attire. For me, the ‘sloppy collar’ was a minor irritant, especially if I’m wearing a polo shirt or other soft fabric. Thankfully, there’s a couple of tricks that may help with that. One is a collar shaper like the one in the video below:

Video credit: Stiff Collar Stay

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A good addition to the collar shaper are collar stays to keep the collar tips from curling. For collars that don’t have built-in pockets for stays (e.g. polo shirts), you can use stick-on stays like these from Wingmate:

Video credit: Wingmate

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