Carryology: Exploring Better Ways to Carry

A slightly eccentric site that does what it says. Carryology is a design site that covers anything to do with luggage, baggage, carry-ons, cases, handbags and wallets. Pretty much anything that you carry, that carries something else. As always, we checked the site-design for autistic-friendliness. The subdued colours and neat layout are easy on the eyes, and the reviews and articles are informative too. Also top-notch pictures all round.

New to Carryology?

To get you started on your quest to Carry enlightment, here’s five hand-picked posts we think will help get you up to speed:

#1 – Slimming your wallet – 5 Steps to reduce the bulk in your back pocket.

#2 – Backpack or Messenger? – A guide to help you choose the right bag for your day to day use.

#3 – Leather Care Tips – Essential care advice to keep that hide looking as good as new.

#4 – Choosing Good Rolling Luggage – If it’s wheeled travel bags you’re after, start here.

#5 – What makes a great wallet – The basic fundementals of good wallet functionality and design.

[from Carryology]


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