Shop Online for Sensory-Friendly Clothing

Sensitivity to seams, tags, tight elastic bands and rough fabrics is a problem for many autistics, and some enterprises have stepped forward to make clothes that minimize such irritations. Unfortunately, most of these brands cater only to children, but hopefully more will see the commercial value of creating comfortable clothes for everyone. Who really wants to rub against seams and tags anyway? For now, here’s a list of 8 online stores that supply sensory-friendly clothing (including some for adults). BTW, a little tip on footwear from Eileen Parker, designer of the Cozy Calm Weighted Blanket:

Do get skater (skateboarding) shoes.  I have a pair of black VANS and a pair of brown and pink Etnies, and both are über comfortable. Also, since with my sensory processing disorder, I wear the skater shoes because they are flat and stable on the bottom with good support on the inside so I don’t lose my balance as often.


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