A Time For Everything: Worry

Planning ‘Worry Time’ May Help Ease Anxiety – http://www.livescience.com/15233-planning-worry-time-ease-anxiety.html


clockDo you know that you can postpone worrying? It seems silly, but it really is helpful for people struggling with frequent worry and anxiety. Start by planning a time of day when you can worry about your problems. Set aside maybe 20-30 minutes per day. Decide now when that time will be. It should not be soon before bed, as that is a time you need to be relaxing and unwinding for your best restful sleep. Maybe it’s on your drive home from work. Maybe it’s on your lunch hour. Just choose a time that works for you. As you catch yourself worrying throughout the day, write it down and commit to yourself that you will take time to worry about it later. Now that you are writing down your worries, here are a few other helpful tips.

1. Identify frequent worries or anxieties. 

Often these are “what if” statements…

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