Iris Scott: Wonderful Finger Painter

Art therapy is often recommended for autism, as a way to improve coordination, de-stress and express oneself freely. Many autistics may find the use of a paintbrush intimidating and difficult, because of poor fine-muscle control. Washing brushes is also a time-consuming and messy business. Finger painting allows one to use the sense of touch as an additional tool for guiding the hand, and also adds to the tactile pleasure of the experience. Iris Scott is a wonderful finger-painter I came across on YouTube, where she demonstrates her technique through videos. She uses latex gloves, a good idea for keeping the hands clean and smooth. To change colors, she just wipes her gloved hand with a paper towel before dabbing a new shade. She recommends Holbein Aqua Oils paint. Enjoy more videos on her YouTube channel and visit her website for more info.



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