Manuka Belt: The No-Buckle Magnetic Belt

Autistics are often hyper-sensitive to tactile stimuli, the feeling of certain fabrics, labels or seams rubbing against the skin, or the tightness of clothing. I know of one person on the autistic spectrum who can’t touch fleece with her bare hands (except her thumbs, for some reason). This blog has featured a  clothing line  that caters specially for autistic children; with soft fabrics, and no labels or seams that stick out. Belts can be a problem for some autistics, because they’re often either too tight or too loose, the holes never seem to be in the right place. Belt buckles are also a pain for autistics with poor fine motor skills.

The Manuka Belt offers a neat solution. It has no buckle, and relies on the magnetized strap to keep the belt in place (even against 20 pounds of force). With no holes, it’s infinitely adjustable to within a fraction of an inch, ensuring a perfect fit any time. The belt is made of a neodymium rubber composite, so the magnetic material is mixed into the rubber itself. The belt is currently featured on Kickstarter, interested parties can sign up on the Manuka Magnetics website to be notified of when and where it goes on sale.


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