For reasons unknown, many autistics also suffer from environmental allergies. Steam-cleaning is the most allergen-neutral way to rid the home of dust, bacteria, mould, bugs and other irritants, without adding potentially harmful chemicals to the environment. Steam cleaners use only water (often tap water is fine), and rely on high-pressure super-heated steam to clean and sanitize. PSI (pounds-per-square-inch) and temperature are two important criteria for choosing a steam cleaner, and industrial cleaners (though more expensive) usually do a better job than models designed solely for domestic use. Steam-cleaners can be used on most hard surfaces (probably not so great for carpets, unless the machine has a vacuum function. BTW compared to carpets, hard flooring traps fewer allergens) and are especially effective in bathrooms, kitchens and garages. Also kills bed-bugs in mattresses, and de-grouts tiles.


Steam Cleaning for Allergy-Sufferers

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