Film About Autistic Artist Laura Nagle Wins Award

Vectors of Autism, a documentary starring autism advocate and artist Laura Nagle (herself autistic) won the ‘Heart of the Festival’ award at the Sedona International Film Festival last month. The film covers her experience living with autism, and also examines the issue of ‘neurodiversity’, how greater public understanding and acceptance of differences in cognition could help in the social integration of autistic persons. View clips from the movie here.

Vectors of Autism official trailer from John Schaffer on Vimeo.

This documentary is a visual and aural feast that both entertains and educates about autism in adulthood, with stunning drawings and watercolors by Laura Nagle, creative animation and original music by Jen Turrell and Stewart Anderson. Laura’s artwork presents a unique visual perspective, which can be a metaphor for a different way of seeing. The theme song “Vectors of Laura” adds to the depiction of her experience of autism using a mathematical concept, which is another way of experiencing common to many on the autism spectrum. [quote from]


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