Successful Career Women with Asperger’s Syndrome

A nice little article from the Mail Online about high-achieving women with Asperger’s, and how they cope with the condition. A few choice quotes below, just to give some idea of what Asperger’s is like –

Sarah has also got herself into trouble at work several times by repeating other people’s jokes and comments without understanding that they were inappropriate.

‘For example, I’ve gone up to people in the office and said things like: “You must be ‘Octopus Mike’ or ‘Orange John” — the secret nicknames people have given them.’

‘I’m very sensitive to light and noise, so with 200 people all working in one room, it can feel like fireworks going off in front of my eyes — and as if people are banging saucepans in my ears. I often have to escape for half an hour, count to ten, and get my thoughts in order before I can go back.’

‘It takes me at least two hours in the morning to prepare for work. I lay all my clothes out the night before and have a set routine, but if my husband moves something and it isn’t where I expect it to be, that can add an hour to my day.’

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