Designing Autism-Friendly Schools

A brief but informative article on designing schools for autistic children. Some argue that design accommodations should not be made for autistics, because they ought to learn to adapt to ‘normal’ environments. I would suggest that most ‘normal’ environments are badly designed even for ‘normal’ users, and designs specifically for autistics would benefit non-autistics as well. Read the following tips from the article and ask yourself, ‘wouldn’t these be good for any school, with or without autistic students?’:

…a simple and easily understood route for getting from A to B

…bright light and glare should be avoided

…calm and non-stimulating colours, unfussy and non-reflective finishes

Article first published in SEN Magazine issue 46: May/June 2010. The author Christopher Beaver is a partner in GA Architects:, which specialises in architecture for autistic users.


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