Great Tips on Public Speaking

Giving a talk is probably the autistic’s worst nightmare, but with careful prepping very little can go wrong. Here’s a straightforward blog post on ‘How to Rock Your Next Talk’ by Eric Karjaluoto, Creative Director at smashLAB. Just lots of practical tips, no BS. The excerpt below is typical of his down-to-earth advice:

I rehearse my completed talk a good 5 times before leaving home and I re-read my presentation on the plane. Upon arriving at my destination I go to the hotel, shut the door, and move the furniture. I walk that room back and forth like I’m on stage, and I practice until I feel that I could deliver my presentation without any slides. I even turn on the television—as a deliberate distraction—and practice my talk with the TV running in the background (good practice for when someone’s mobile phone rings during your presentation).


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