Discussion Forum on Nonverbal Learning Disability

If you’d like to be part of a conversation on NLD, here’s a great discussion thread on the LD Resources website, essentially a series of comments on a post by someone with NLD. Below are some excerpts from the original post, a too-common experience of someone with the disability:

My name is Robert. I’m 51, live in the Canadian province of Quebec, and was diagnosed as having a nonverbal learning disability when I was 42 …

As a child and adolescent I was a loner because I didn’t have the strength, coordination and social skills to make many friends …

I managed academically in high school, college, and graduate school as long as I was able to avoid math and physics …

I hit my first real brick wall when I tried to work after finishing a Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling. I had no way of knowing that a helping profession is much more difficult for someone with NVLD because of the difficulty we have with affective communication (reading other people’s social cues correctly and communicating the right cues ourselves) …

To scrape by (so far), I have been a member of a translation cooperative (we are paid by the word) for almost two and a half years. I do translation and proof-reading for the coop. The work is only occasional and, for this reason, I can’t earn enough money to live without constant worry.


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