Soft Clothing for Autistic Children

Many autistics are irritated by the texture of certain fabrics or rough clothing in general (often including seams and labels). Some even resort to wearing clothes inside-out to avoid contact with seams. Thankfully, there’s now a line of clothing for children with such sensory issues. The brand is simply called ‘Soft’, and its clothes have the following special features (according to the company factsheet):

  • Flat seaming for extra comfort
  • Soft cotton combed, peached and bio-washed for extra softness and smoothness
  • Wide collars for a roomy fit around the sensitive neckline
  • Encased elastic waistbands that donʼt pinch
  • Printed labels that donʼt itch
  • Printed details like buttons, zippers, ties, and accessories—allowing children to dress up without discomfort
  • Vegetable dyes, natural enzyme washes, and water-based prints to protect against allergies

For more info, visit their website.


One thought on “Soft Clothing for Autistic Children

  1. I’m impressed!!! I found your blog on Ask looking for something totally unrelated, and now I’m gonna need to go back and
    go the old posts XD So long spare time this morning,
    but this was a really awesome find


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